Weight Loss – How I Conquered My Goals

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In the passed years after loosing weight I had this constant question in my head asking myself why do people struggle with weight loss? with all this information we have today on the internet can it be that most human beings didn’t discover what I have? Seeing other people over weight bothered me because I knew there is no need today to struggle with weight loss. the answer is simple, so I got to a decision to do everything I can to give my knowledge to other people. whatever I discovered will blow your mind!

I know a lot of us have heard it all! we read other people testimonies over and over again about how to loss weight, asking yourselves if its all a pile of BS or this is a legitimate person that actually tells his / hers life story and how they conquered their goals. like you I was searching the web for weight loss solution.

Struggle With Weight Loss:

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Don’t Struggle!

First let me introduce myself, my name is Juda 30 y/o. I have been over weight for the most part of my life, and I, like many of you I believe, heard my parents and friends about that I need to lose weight. If you struggle with weight loss like me, you probably  know what I’m talking about saying stuff like “oh you will be so handsome if you loose weight” or “you are on your way to diabetes“. These words always brought me down, I felt helpless because I tried so many diets, pills, supplements, teas anything really. Anything that will get me a shortcut for my goal.Today I know for sure WHY all my diets didn’t help / hold and how to struggle with weight loss physically and mentally.

My Break Point:

After a while of being lectured  by everybody , I got to a break point and didn’t want to struggle with weight loss anymore.  I stopped caring about what I eat and when. I just wanted to live and be happy with who I am promising myself that sometime in the future I will take care of my problem (of course I lied to myself). So like any other 20 y/o I was in a relationship and married to someone I thought I loved. after a while we got divorced and I was devastated, I felt like my life is about to end and I ate even more!

First Steps Of Loosing Weight – Understanding Your Problem.

One day I woke 24 y/o weighing about 290 pounds and cant tie my own shoes – did it happen to you? if it did you can probably guess how I felt. I couldn’t believe it! my belly was too big for me to reach my shoes! how did I get to that?! I asked myself while looking in the mirror. For the first time in my life I decided to change it! I didn’t know yet what I’m going to do and how I just knew that at this point I have to take initiative and take care of myself. so the the struggle with weight loss was back on!

Not only to look good but to feel good and live healthier lives. for the first time in my life I wanted to do it for ME and not for the environment i live in. I truly believe that  this is the one aspects that was completely different from anything I’ve ever did before. Getting into the understanding that you need to change your life for yourself and not for others is the first step to success.

Weight loss – Reaching Your Goals Never been Easier

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Reach Your GOLAS

I didn’t tell any of my family members or friends I decided to change my life and kept this mental change only for me. Its extremely important to set yourself a reasonable goal.

My goal for the first month was loosing 20 pounds. I googled how can I loos 20 pounds a month.


And again it was full with diets and information. Most of it I already read in the past,  excluding couple of “new revolutionary diets”.

My first thought was “OMG I cant do diets anymore”. So my next thought was reading about our anatomy and how it affects our diet.

Our Stomach Is A Muscle – Control It:

One of the main things that intrigued me was the fact that our stomach is a muscle that shrinks and wised by the amount of food we put in it. What I did for the next two weeks ISNT HEALTHY but I had to try something else. I ate one meal a day that contained 1400 calories (sometimes when I was too hungry I ate some green apples) That way I shrunk my stomach. It was very hard and I do not recommend doing that but that is what I did.

Loss weight without starving yourself:

I started eating 3 meals a day working out 4 times a week when my main workouts were fast walking on a treadmill for 45-60 minutes. I lost weight and felt better. But I knew there is more. I jumped on my computer again looking into evolution and why our western society is fat. What I discovered shocked me!

How evolution affects our diet:

There is a huge influence of evolution on our bodies and how we process what we eat. A lot of different cultures have the same food allergies or don’t digest certain foods they way it should. I strongly recommend checking your authentic background and what foods affect your weight. Then I checked  my Sephardi Jewish heritage. I understood we are all different and anything can affect our bodies differently.

How to live healthier life – The Rambam:

The Rambam was a Jewish doctor that lived thousands of years ago. He wrote a lot of books about how humans need to live. I took 3 eating habits he emphasized:

  1. Eat 6 meals a day in small portion.
  2. Eat two leafs of lettuce before every meal.
  3. Do not drink anything prior or during the meal (10 minutes after the meal).

These 3 steps literally change the way I feel. not only I lost weight, I felt GREAT! I was never hungry and I never felt bloated and tired because I ate too much. I recommend you to give it a 2 weeks try and I promise you will never turn back.

That is it for today Hopefully my next post will be in soon. Stay tuned I will be talking about how society reacted to my new weight and how I was accepted differently meeting new people.