About Me

Hey everyone this is John

There are so weight lossmany reasons to open a blog about how to live healthier and better life… 

I really don’t know how to begin so I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

I was growing up over weight for the most part of my life.
Growing up over weight is not easy and every time I dreamed of loosing weight I didn’t believe that I can really reach my goals.

I know how it feels to live your life over weight… Not only we have a difficulty fitting into new circle of friends at work or other circles. But the way we feel on a daily basis about ourselves.

I personally didn’t like to shop for cloths because I felt I had to go to over weight stores to find my size and I always felt ashamed trying cloths in stores, because event if it wasn’t true, I felt being judged by the store salespeople, and, being blunt, I didn’t feel sexy!

Asking a girl out for me was a mental struggle as I was measuring myself badly in so many ways…
Sitting on a plastic chair was terrifying.
I can go on and on about how it feels and how many obsticles I had because of my weight but I’m sure that if you read my blog you already know!

I changed my life and the way I think because a personal breakdown I had that for now being is hard for me to tell you about.

BUT I thank god for this experience because it literally changed my LIFE!

In this blog I will show you verity of ideas how you can change your life and live the right way I hope to help you I really do, because to comment I received from friends and family after I lost my weight made me feel I can DO ANYTHING I WANT IN LIFE!!! and I wish that each and every one readying this blog will have the feeling I have…

Just to share, here is my before and after picture…. This picture was taken 8 months apart but the actual transition  took me a little over 6 months…

How to loss weight

Losing weight is hard mentally and physically I hope to help you the best I can!